Gregg Lee Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
History - U. S. History 10, Psychology/Sociology


1991-graduate of Albertville High School

1994-Associates Degree from Snead St.-General Education

1998-B.S. Ed. from Athens St.-Social Sciences

Graduate classes from Alabama/UAB-ESL


I am entering my 20th year in education. My first job was at Arab High School in 1998 teaching Alabama History/World Geography and one of two teachers over the Alternative School. I then came to Albertville High School in 1999 as an ESL aide. In 2000, I started teaching U.S./World History and Newcomer ESL History. I taught History during summer school up until 2008. I have been a facilitator of an Access online class and taught a 9th grade Current Events class. I now teach 10th grade U.S. History II and Psychology/Sociology at Albertville High School. I was a Varsity baseball assistant and Head JV coach for the first 12 years of my career. I also coached Jr. High football until 2003. I have sponsored/co-sponsored the Interact Club and FCA during my years in Albertville.


My name is Gregg Lee. I am a graduate of Albertville High School where I currently teach. (GO AGGIES!) I married Kelley Floyd July 19,2008, and she is a Reading Specialist and Instructional Leader at Albertville Elementary School. We are a member and attend Solitude Baptist Church. I have a step-son named Dakoda Floyd and he graduated from Albertville High School in 2013. He currently attends Snead State.

Likes: Polo, Nike and Under Armour clothes, New Balance shoes, sweet tea, jalapeno cheetos, ROLL TIDE, Atlanta Braves, Dallas Cowboys, playing cards, summer vacation

Dislikes:People that lie, cheat, and steal, DISRESPECT, drugs, fire ants, alarm clocks, taking paper off of straws, Auburn

Hobbies: collecting Alabama sports memorabilia, high school and college baseball umpire, football official, going to Alabama and Atlanta Braves games

Favorite Animal: Elephant

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Vacation Spot: Alabama & Florida beaches

Dream Vacation Spot: Hawaii

Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp

Favorite Actress: Reece Witherspoon

Favorite Movie: Tombstone

Favorite Food: Chicken/Fish

Least Favorite Food: Turnip Greens

Favorite Restaurant: Hooters

Favorite TV Show: ESPN/WWE/Criminal Minds

Favorite Moment: Getting saved/Marrying my wife Kelley