Math Team - Vestavia 2014   

Geometry Math Team placed 11th out of 16 teams in Division I.  

Steven Nguyen 46th with a score of 20

Jacob Barksdale and Nestor Munoz 52nd with a score of 17 each

Jackson Spence 72nd with a score of 10

Alexis Gonzalez 81st with a score of 7

Jeannie Elkins 90th with a score of 3


Check your work!  

Check your work with the solutions key in the file manager.  The solutions to the Ch. 1.5-1.6 worksheet and the test review will be loaded by Thursday afternoon.  REMEMBER THAT YOUR TEST ON CH. 1.5-1.7 IS FRIDAY, 9/13!

Updated Homework Procedure  

Beginning Monday, 9/16/13, homework is due the day after it is assigned.  The homework will be checked for COMPLETION at the beginning of the class period and is a 5 point grade.  If the assignment is not COMPLETE, the grade will be 0/5.